-About HCRI

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What HCRI Offers

Compared to the Resume-Pushing Headhunter

1. Intimacy

. HCRI is “source neutral“ for candidates
. We are not in competition with our clients
. We work seamlessly with hiring managers-not with automated nor arms-length stakeholders


2. Partnership

. HCRI offers insights into identifying/evolving initial suppositions
. Including: target profiles and bench-marking compensation
. We excel at locating and attracting unicorn candidates


3. Mastery

. HCRI takes a comprehensive approach to managing all steps in the process
. Our recruiters vet thoroughly, offering candidates which are the most compelling
. We have the capacity and interest to complete searches at every level of organizational responsibility
. We complete searches across departmental lines


4. Long-Term Orientation

. The recruiters at HealthCare Recruiters International seek partners who are interested in investing and developing a long-term relationship–not a one-off search.


Healthcare Recruiters International
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