About HCRI

Why Work With HealthCare Recruiters International?

 Our mission is to improve healthcare by developing connections between specialty talent and top companies and organizations within the medical marketplace.

We are a high-touch recruiting firm specializing in finding talent solutions exclusively for the healthcare, digital health and medical marketplace.

Healthcare searches done by healthcare professionals

 We believe the best way to realize this mission is through experience and expertise in the healthcare field.

We understand recruiting in the medical marketplace is challenging. From the FDA to HIPPA Requirements and the ACA, we recognize these factors impact your organization because of these facts:

  • Our team has held leadership positions in the medical device, pharmaceutical and medical arenas
  • HealthCare has been our only focus since our founding in 1984, and in that time,
  • We have placed over 20,000 top professionals in Fortune 100 to first-round start-up companies.

HCRI utilizes this firsthand knowledge to create strong relationships and highly tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. We provide recruiting solutions by identifying and securing talent from front-line contributors to executive-level management.