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Our Process

HCRI has a goal of completing all of our engagements in 6 weeks by following our proven four-phased process. Below the image is a more detailed description of each phase, and what you can expect.

HCRI's Healthcare Recruiting Process Graphic

Phase 1:

HCRI works with the client to ensure a position specification has been written to accurately communicate the opportunity and the mandatory requirements of the position. We will also provide feedback on compensation expectations and ensure they are aligned with market conditions. HCRI will collaborate on developing a strategy for talent attraction from targeted organizations and a development of the “pitch.” The pitch will be the guiding message for candidate attraction and market awareness.

Phase 2:

HCRI will roll out a multi-channel candidate-sourcing plan. This will include targeting agreed upon organizations, sourcing from our proprietary database, as well as promotion through our client organizations to solicit referrals of personal contacts. HCRI will screen each qualified candidate for functional and cultural fit through a series of screening interviews both over the phone and in writing. Upon completion, the candidates with the strongest fit will be presented with all relevant data and prepared for initial client interviews.

Selected candidates will be scheduled and prepared by HCRI for interviews both by phone and in person. Upon completion of first round interviews, HCRI will provide candidate feedback and discuss with hiring managers to determine fit and fine tune focus. If the initial candidate pool is not a fit, HCRI will return to the strategy phase and start again.

Phase 3:

HCRI will begin background checks on the candidates selected for next and final interviews. Additionally, HCRI will provide detailed compensation expectations to the final candidates as well as the hiring manager, and confirm alignment prior to final interviews.

Phase 4:

HCRI will work with the hiring manager to select finalist candidate and craft an offer the meets both parties needs and expectations. HCRI will present the offer to candidate and coordinate any and all negotiations that may result. Upon acceptance of an offer, HCRI will work with candidate on resignation strategy from existing employer and manage any counter offer or non-compete issue in advance of resignation to ensure a smooth transition.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

  1. HCRI specializes in recruiting for both the heathcare and medical manufacturing industries nationwide, working with major medical facilities and institutions, as well as pharmaceutical and medical produce manufacturers.
  2. We focus on middle, upper, and executive-level roles within heathcare and medical operations, IT, clinical, technical education, sales, marketing, R&D, and more. We’ve been recruiting for heathcare institutions and medical corporations since 1984, and offer Retained and Contingency search partnerships, as well as Project-Based recruiting.
  1. We place middle, upper, and executive level roles within the heathcare and medical industry. The candidates we place typically have salaries raging from $50K to $300K per year.
  2. Many of our clients offer performance incentives within their compensation packages as well.
  1. We have extensive experience in successfully delivering large projects, including new facility openings and national and global expansions.
  1. We offer both Retainers and Contingency partnerships with our clients depending on their needs. The benefit of retaining HCRI to fill your search is that we can spend even more considerable time and effort seeking the right candidates of your role.


  1. We strive to arrange an interview with candidates using video interviewing technology, and in some instances where this is not possible, we conduct a thorough phone screen.
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