We go beyond just the search.

For every search, our recruiters create a customized recruiting plan that is tailored towards our clients’ unique needs.  We’ll help you through the whole process from intake to final offer, to make sure your hiring the best talent; or we can simply indentify and present you with the top talent for your organization, from a role and company culture perspective.

Whatever your recruiting needs are Healthcare Recruiters Int’l is the first choice when it comes to finding, identifying, and hiring the industry’s top talent.


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With over +350 years of combined recruiting experience in the healthcare industry and offices all over the globe, our team has a deep and unparalleled understanding of the industry and the talent within your market.  Let us focus on finding and helping you hire the top talent, while you focus on other tasks (i.e. making money for the organization).

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Managing the hiring process can be as time consuming and complex as a full time job. Our recruiters can effectively manage the hiring process for you by learning about your company’s business goals, culture and leveraging our network of industry connections to provide only the finest candidates available.


Contract-to-hire can be a win for both employers and employees because it allows both parties a trial-run to assess whether the candidate is a good fit in terms of skillset and culture. If you’re looking for the perfect new hire, but you’re just not sure who that person would be, Contract-to-Hire may be the best option for you.



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  1. We are the largest nationwide health care search firm with over 30 years of experience and expertise in your field.
  2. A necessary balance of international search exposure and a local presence provides the best of both worlds.
  3. We know your job requirements because we have done them ourselves. We offer a full slate of diverse hands-on experience.


Utilize our recruiter’s industry background and deep network of connections to find and hire the next healthcare/ engineering professional for your organization. Learn More



Health systems are some of the most complex organizations ever devised by man. From dealing with existing and changing regulations and constantly evolving technologies to managing the care processes, media relations and uncertain revenue streams, there are seemingly endless complex challenges that require strong leadership and the right team to overcome.

To earn a world-class reputation in such a competitive industry, it’s critical that your organization find, hire and retain A-level employees with the skills, expertise and vision needed to ensure success. As one of the nationals leading medical search firms with over 20,000 successful placements, Healthcare Recruiters International can help your organization find the best talent in the industry.

For every search, our recruiters create a customized recruiting plan that is tailored towards our clients’ unique needs. With experience holding positions in the medical devices, pharmaceutical and healthcare IT fields, our team has a deep understanding of the medical industry that allows us to identify and provide optimal healthcare employees.