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The process of finding a new position in the field of psychiatry can be daunting. While mental health jobs are on the rise in healthcare–the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the United states will add some 6,000 psychiatry jobs through 2018–ensuring that you end up working for an organization with adequate resources and economic incentives isn’t easy. At healthcare recruiters international, our portfolio of psychiatry jobs grows every single day. Whether you specialize in child, adolescent, adult, geriatric or forensic psychiatry, we have an international network of connections with leading mental health organizations and practices all over the world. We can help you work where your want and connect your with organizations you’ll feel prideful and rewarded to be a part of.

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Our healthcare recruiters will take into account your time-frame for your job search and whether or not you’re interested in relocation, while also taking into account your hard skillset, soft skillset and overall career goals. Our goal is to connect your with an organization that provides the most support possible for your practice. For example, one of our current clients is a startup building exceptional working environments for psychiatrists, offering administrative support, better pay than most health systems, flexible scheduling, patient referrals and accepting most major insurances. If you’re a psychiatrist or mental health professional looking to take the next step in your career, contact our recruiters today.


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