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Identifying and recruiting elite executive healthcare leadership for premier organizations

Organizations are only as strong as their executive leadership. Whether you’re looking to hire, or looking for your next role, we’re here to help. We work with companies ranging from emerging start-ups to Fortune 500s, and help companies find talent from mid-level to the executive level.

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  • CEO
  • Board Member
  • CFO
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • COO
  • CTO
  • Director of Billing
  • Director of Nursing
  • Hospital Directors
  • Program Director(s)
  • Regional Sales Executive
  • VP of Finance
  • VP Clinical Development
  • VP Clinical Research
  • VP Revenue Cycle Management
  • VP Marketing
  • VP of Medical Affairs
  • VP of Research & Development
  • VP Sales
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Recruiting elite executive leadership for premier organizations in the healthcare industry

Armed with a detailed history of your organization and deep understanding of your needs, our experienced team has proven themselves to be a valued partner for high-caliber executive search.

Our team of executive healthcare recruiters specialize in placing C-Level executives, VP’s, Director’s and other healthcare executive leadership roles. Whether you’re looking for a sharp candidate five years into their career, or a seasoned C-level executive, our experienced and passionate executive recruiters are connected to the best talent in the industry, and committed to building your team with the very best.

Across all industries, any company is only as strong as its top executives. If you find you are in need of new healthcare executive level employees that can make or break the future success of your Healthcare organization, it makes sense to start with a meticulous and thorough healthcare executive search.

Additional industries we recruit C-Level executives, VP’s, Director’s and other leadership roles include:


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No matter what stage you’re in, Healthcare Recruiters Int’l only headhunts top healthcare talent.

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HCRI’s healthcare executive retained search experts develop long-term, value-based relationships with the world’s most talented healthcare individuals and leading companies, creating the critical connections that help build successful senior leadership teams.

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