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When you consider all of the changes taking place in managed care, such as the movement to value and the use of new technologies, it’s a challenge to ensure success as a managed care organization today. According to a recent survey, the biggest challenges facing managed care organizations are a result of the changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act, as well as finding the best ways to leverage new technologies. In the midst of this, the age old obstacle of reducing costs while improving patient care still remains. Achieving success in the modern managed healthcare requires a new type of executive leadership, but finding highly specialized executives who are up-to-date with continuous change can be difficult.


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Between rising pharmaceutical costs and widespread industry consolidation, many healthcare and managed care organizations are wondering who they will be affected and what they should do about it. With the right executive leadership, managed care organizations can create a clear roadmap to address challenges and find solutions, such as reducing waste and standardizing operations. Our recruiters have held leadership positions in everything from medical device to pharmaceutical and utilize this firsthand knowledge to gain the insight and robust network of connections necessary to provide and exceptional search process and locate even the most highly specialized  managed care executive talent.


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