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In the Healthcare industry, having an adequate amount of qualified pharmacy employees is a critically important component to delivering high quality patient care. While doctors and nurses may be the most visible members of America’s healthcare workforce, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, along with other pharmacy professionals, play a vital role.


As the medication experts on the healthcare team, Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are necessary in all facets of healthcare.  From educating patients on the use of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications to dispensing medications and monitoring patient health and progress, Pharmacy professionals help achieve positive outcomes from the use of medication to improve patients’ quality of life while minimizing risk.

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Recent Search Engagements:

  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Consultant
  • Pharmacy Technician II
  • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
  • Pharmacy Operations Manager


  • Hospitals

  • Long-term Care Facilities

  • Retail

  • Managed Care

  • Pediatrics

  • Pain Management

  • Chemotherapy

  • Nuclear

  • Ambulatory

  • Mail-Order

  • Home Infusion

  • Government Centers

  • Call Centers

  • Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management


  • Chemistry (Bioanalytical/Analytical/Organic)

  • Clinical Pharmacology

  • Clinical Research

  • Clinical Research Project Managment

  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics

  • IT and Lab Automation

  • Manufacturing and Engineering

  • Marketing and Business Development

  • Medical Affairs

  • Pathology and Toxicology

  • Process and product Development

  • Project Management

  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Sales

  • Clinical Development

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As a trusted healthcare recruiting firm with a proven track record and and in-depth understanding of the Healthcare industry, Healthcare Recruiters international specializes in recruiting and placing experience top-caliber Pharmacy and Healthcare Professionals. We understand that the success of your organization largely depends on hiring and retaining the right people with the right skills that fit your organization’s unique needs.

At Healthcare Recruiters International, our versatile approach to the Pharmacy recruiting allows us to more efficiently find the optimal talent to help your organization grow. When urgency is a priority for your organization and your reputation is on the line, you can rely on us to provide professionals with a commitment to your goals and a dedication to success.

Our extensive recruiting experience and expertise, coupled with our ability to adapt to your organization’s demands, provides a strong foundation for ensuring that your needs are met.


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