Say Hello to Your Virtual Therapist: The Field of Computational Psychiatry

The way we diagnose and treat mental illness may soon be transformed completely by machines. The new field of computational psychiatry utilizes cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and machine learning to diagnose and treat mental illness. For example, a new study has found that AI and machine learning algorithms helped predict […]

Healthcare CEO’s Reveal the Biggest Administration Challenges of 2017

Healthcare organizations, hospitals and health systems are being dramatically impacted by rapidly changing regulatory and policy changes, although each is affected differently. In a recent blog post, the Healthcare Advisory Board revealed issues that are especially urgent for Healthcare CEOs right now. Every year, the Advisory Board conducts an annual Healthcare CEO survey to discover […]

Staffing Your Addiction Treatment Business: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Successful addiction treatment organizations begin with strategic recruiting and smart hiring. When you take the time to carefully make good hiring decisions, everything else becomes more achievable. Your business becomes more productive and more enjoyable to be a part of, but the critical factor is having the right people in place. When it comes to […]

HCRI Launches 2017 Healthcare Marketing Salary Guide

Healthcare Recruiters International recently launched the 2017 Healthcare Marketing Salary Guide, which features: Salary ranges and descriptions for 25+ healthcare marketing roles Comprehensive insight into current hiring trends The industry outlook for 2017 Resources for both job seekers and employers. Our guide provides you with actionable information that can help improve your approach to building […]

Entrepreneurs and Startups are Transforming Healthcare Right Now

Similar to the tech industry, the growth of the healthcare industry has inevitably spurred a new market for healthcare startups. According to a recently published CIO article, venture funding has consistently increased since 2012. Healthcare records and processes are moving online and, because of this, doctors and patients are expecting mobile/remote solutions. Entrepreneurs are stepping […]

4 Challenges Unique to Healthcare Hiring

Patients across the United States put their lives in the hands of healthcare professionals every single day. Because of this reality, those that recruit healthcare professionals have a profound responsibility when delivering candidates to client organizations looking to hire. Outside of medical demands, technological demands are also having an impact when it comes to healthcare […]

The Healthcare CMIO in a post-EHR World

With IT spending by hospitals expected to sharply increase towards levels seen industries like banking and reality, the healthcare industry is on the brink of potentially major change. Hospitals and healthcare organizations are preparing for a data-rich, real-time era of interconnected e-health. Today, nearly three quarters of hospitals and health systems have a senior IT leader […]

The Top 3 Healthcare Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid

Running a successful healthcare organization depends on your ability to recruit and hire good employees. This is especially true at the executive level, where each individual hire can have a big impact on the rest of the company. In any industry, you want to avoid the candidates that have bad attitudes, inadequate skillsets, or questionable […]

Telepsychiatry is Bringing Mental Healthcare to Underserved Areas

When it comes to psychiatric care, one of the biggest challenges in the United States is getting care to patients who need it. While it’s typically still preferable to have an in-person consultation with a psychiatrist, video conferencing platforms have been helping to expand access to mental healthcare and solve shortages. When patients have limited […]

What’s Driving High Turnover Within Your Health Organization?

– The Burden of High Turnover – What Drives Turnover In Healthcare? – Filling Gaps Within Your Organization – Working With A Recruiting Firm Every industry experiences turnover and some experience higher turnover rates than others. However, healthcare faces a particularly big turnover challenge, with more than four times the rate of non-healthcare organizations. Additionally, […]