Telepsychiatry is Bringing Mental Healthcare to Underserved Areas

When it comes to psychiatric care, one of the biggest challenges in the United States is getting care to patients who need it. While it’s typically still preferable to have an in-person consultation with a psychiatrist, video conferencing platforms have been helping to expand access to mental healthcare and solve shortages. When patients have limited […]

What’s Driving High Turnover Within Your Health Organization?

– The Burden of High Turnover – What Drives Turnover In Healthcare? – Filling Gaps Within Your Organization – Working With A Recruiting Firm Every industry experiences turnover and some experience higher turnover rates than others. However, healthcare faces a particularly big turnover challenge, with more than four times the rate of non-healthcare organizations. Additionally, […]

Breaking Down the 2017 Healthcare Recruiting Trends Report

The uncertain fate of the Affordable Care Act and the constantly shifting landscape of the healthcare industry are going to place a lot of pressure on recruiters in 2017. As a healthcare executive leader, maintaining a successful healthcare organization depends on understanding where you are likely to face challenges when it comes to hiring and […]

The Healthcare CIO of the Future: 2020 and Beyond

Across all industries, the role of the executive in charge of information technology has changed drastically. The chief information officer is now viewed as a key contributor to a healthcare organization’s overall strategy, who also ensures that infrastructure, applications and analytics function in a way that supports the entire organization. This cross-functional position requires more […]

Repeal and Replace: What We Know about Price and Trump’s Plan for Obamacare

With Dr. Tom Price’s recent confirmation as the new secretary of the Health and Human Services, many are wondering what the GOP’s “repeal and replace” plan is actually going to look like. Over the course of the last few weeks, major news outlets have begun shedding light on this as more information rises to the […]

Top Issues Facing Healthcare Organizations in 2017

As a result of the recent election and rapidly shifting circumstances within the industry, 2017 is a year full of both opportunity and uncertainty for healthcare. Many are beginning to question the fate of Obamacare and wonder how it will directly impact their organizations. One thing is clear to everyone: with the election of Donald […]

Why Healthcare Organizations Need a Recruiting Strategy

Today, healthcare organizations are facing fierce industry competition driven by a multitude of factors, including rapidly changing market dynamics, healthcare re-reform, and uncertainty around the future of the economy. On top of that, a large amount of experienced and highly skilled healthcare talent is beginning to leave the workforce. A shift is taking place that’s […]

The Top 10 Healthcare Jobs in 2017

After the Great Recession, many people were forced to take low-paying restaurant positions with no benefits and no room for growth or advancement. However, for those in the healthcare field, there were and still are many career paths that lead to solid compensation and future growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly puts together ten-year […]

Top 5 Highlights from Startup Health’s Moonshot Report

StartUp Health is an organization that introduced a new model for transforming health by organizing and supporting a global army of entrepreneurs they call “Health Transformers”. The organization has the world’s largest digital health portfolio with over 180 companies spanning 16 countries and 60+ cities. Recently, StartUp health published a report that reveals the top […]

Contract to Hire: Why Some Companies Choose to “Try Before they Buy”

When bringing in new employees, companies have to make a decision between healthcare direct hire or healthcare contract-to-hire. While there is a debate regarding which hiring method is better, both staffing types have their merits and drawbacks. In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into the advantages and disadvantages of contract-to-hire. If you’re looking […]