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It takes deep-industry knowledge to cut through the pack of candidates and find the most experienced nurses. Our experienced hospice recruiters connect with your organization’s needs, culture and unique circumstances to provide talent that inspires and champion your organization’s core values.

As a Healthcare system owner, executive or other leader, your best bet in facing these challenges it to ensure you have not only adequate staff in terms of headcount, but also the leadership with the skills necessarily to deliver consistently deliver quality care that aligns with your organization’s core values. If you’re in need of new hospice professionals, contact the Hospice recruiting experts at Healthcare Recruiters International today.



The current shortage of nurses is having a significant impact on access to hospice services and is causing hospice services to have to deny services to eligible patients because they do not have adequate staff. Officials with national associations and hospice groups all over the country acknowledge they have trouble filling positions.

A tremendous growth in demand for hospice services is the main cause of the shortage. From 1989 to 1999, the number of dying Americans who sought hospice services grew almost 300 percent, and that is only likely to increase as America’s elderly population multiplies. Efforts to alleviate the current hospice staffing shortage are complicated by both low pay and the need for more experienced nurses. Due to the fact that hospice work requires crisis management and acute-care skills, only the most experienced nurses are generally hired, but identifying them can be a challenge.

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